The Israeli army took prisoner seven residents of the city of Hebron and the nearby Ithna village. Local sources reported that troops stormed the village of Ithna near Hebron and searched and ransacked several homes before arresting seven. The army took Khader Al-Tamaysi from Ithna village and Mohammad Al-Tawiil, 20 and Islam Al-Qudsi from Hebron city. The names of the remaining 4 are unknown and all were taken to unknown locations.


Also on Wednesday, the Israeli army took over a house in the West Bank
city of Hebron and turned it into a military post. Palestinian security
sources in Hebron reported that Israeli troops took over the house of
Munther Jaber, who works as a Palestinian security officer in Hebron,
and trapped him and his family in one of the rooms of the house in
order to use the remaining space as an army post.

Meanwhile, in the old city of Hebron, the army intensified its presence
and closed the Abraham Mosque, also known as the Tomb of the
Patriarchs, to accommodate illegal Jewish settlers, celebrating Jewish
holidays. Muslim residents were not allowed to pray in the mosque.