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Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre For Wednesday September 27th, 2006

One child was killed and at least fourteen residents were injured in an Israeli air strike and 20 residents were taken prisoner by the Israeli army during an invasion to areas east of Khan Younis, while the army continue to attack West Bank cities and taking prisoners. These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

Gaza Update

On Wednesday at dawn one child was killed and at least fourteen residents were injured in an Israeli air strike that targeted a Palestinian house in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Ali Mousa, head of Abu Yousef Al Najjar Hospital in Rafah, reported that Azza Ahmad Hammad, 14, was killed in the Israeli strike. Fourteen residents were injured, three seriously. Mousa added that the body of Hammad was severely mutilated after she was hit by missile fragments. The mother of the child was also injured in the strike along with thirteen other residents who suffered moderate wounds.

Three residents, suffering severe injuries were transferred to The Gaza-European Hospital in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The shelled house belongs to resident Sami Al Sha'er. The house was shelled two times, resulting in its complete destruction. The Israeli army claimed that troops attacked the house because it was apparently “used as cover to dig a tunnel under the border with Egypt for weapons smuggling.”

Later on Wednesday morning 20 residents were taken prisoner by the Israeli army during an invasion to Al Fakhari area east of Khan Younis and south of the Gaza Strip. More then 15 tanks and army vehicles along with three military bulldozers stormed the area and opened heavy fire on residents' homes, before taking 20 civilians from Al I'mur and Al Jarghun families to unknown locations.

Palestinian sources reported that soldiers are now are conducting a wide scale house-to-house search campaign in the area and trapping residents in their houses for more than six houses at the time of this report. Army bulldozers started this morning to uproot scores of olive, palm and lemon trees and bulldoze farm lands that belong to Palestinian farmers in Al Fakhari, the Mayor of Al Fakhari Owdah Al I'mor reported.

The West Bank update

For the fourth consecutive day, Israeli troops continued their military invasion of the West Bank city of Nablus, which targeted Wednesday morning the Balata refugee camp in the city. Six residents were taken prisoner. Invading Israeli troops fired sound bombs and live rounds after clashes with local stone throwing youth.   Injuries were reported. Dr. Ghassan Hamdan with the Palestinian relief committees in Nablus spoke to IMEMC about the invasion:
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"What happened today is that there was an invasion to the old city of Nablus and Balata refugee camp by the occupation army, which intentionally attacked and damaged local shops and houses. The army also took three prisoners from Balata refugee camp and three in the city of Nablus "

A group of Palestinian resistance fighters from Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah, reported that they targeted Israeli army jeeps with a roadside bomb in Balata Refugee Camp during the invasion. Israeli army sources confirmed the attack and said that the bomb exploded near a military jeep, but no injuries among soldiers were reported.

Israel has released of one of the Palestinian high profile officials it holds in detention. Manar Jibrin is here with more details

"An Israeli military court today ordered the release of Palestinian deputy Prime Minister Nasser Al Din Al Shaer after more than a month of detention in an Israeli jail. Israeli soldiers took Al Shaer from his home in the West Bank city of Ramallah earlier last month. He will be denied access to his office in Ramallah until October 15. On Monday, an Israeli military court extended the imprisonment of twenty one high- ranking Palestinian officials because of their membership in Hamas, which Israel considers to be a terrorist group. Those officials were ordered to be released on a bail of more than five thousand US dollars for each two weeks earlier. The Israeli army has captured five cabinet ministers and more than thirty Palestinian legislators during several West Bank invasions since June."

Meanwhile, a massive Israeli force invaded the town of Qabatia, south of the West Bank city of Jenin, took prisoner eight residents and injured another two residents Wednesday morning. Army vehicles and troops stormed the town from several directions and conducted a wide scale house-to-house search campaign to residents' homes in the town.  Clashes erupted between stone throwing youth and the invading troops. Soldiers showered the youth with tear gas and rubber bullets, injuring at least two, who were taken to a nearby hospital in Jenin city for treatment, local sources reported.

The Israeli army took prisoner seven residents of the city of Hebron and the nearby Ithna village. Meanwhile, in the old city of Hebron, the army intensified its presence and closed the Abraham Mosque, also known as the Tomb of the Patriarchs, to accommodate illegal Jewish settlers, celebrating Jewish holidays. Muslim residents were not allowed to pray in the mosque.

Muneer Abd-Al Fataah, 16, and his brother Samier, 11, were injured Wednesday morning when the Israeli army invaded Al Far'a refugee camp south of the West Bank city of Tubas. The two were injured when troops invaded the town and open fired at the residents. Both were moved to a nearby hospital in Tubas.


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