The Israeli army invaded the villages of Beit Fajar and Obadiya near the West Bank city of Bethlehem on Wednesday morning.

In Beit Fajar village, south of Bethlehem city, army stormed the village and searched and ransacked a number of residents houses before taking six prisoners residents.

The detainees were known as; Jaber Dieriah, 44, Mussa Thawabta, 31, Jammal Thawabta, 65, Ashraf Daqtqa, 32, Mohamed Thawabta, 66, Ammin Shamarkha, 56, local sources reported.

In Obadiya village East of Bethlehem, army vehicles and troops attacked residents houses forced families out of their homes and searched them before taking five residents prisoners including three brothers.

The detainees were identified as; Nayief Rabi'a, 17, Nimir Rabi'a, 18, Khaldon Shanaita, 21, and his two brothers Adnan, 20, and Atta, 16, all were taken to unknown locations, eyewitnesses reported