Tuesday, one of the bloodiest in the Gaza Strip as internal clashes between Hamas and Fateh gunmen left 17 dead, and at least sixty injured. The clashes continued throughout Tuesday in several parts of the Gaza Strip in spite of continuous efforts to end the clashes.

As night falls on Gaza, seventeen residents killed, at least 60 injured in internal clashes on Tuesday


Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported that one resident identified as Mohammad Abu Saif, 18, was shot and killed in clashes that took place in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Saif was seriously injured and died of his wounds at a Gaza hospital.

On Tuesday at night, gunmen shot and killed Isam Al Juju, one of Hamas members.

The Maan news agency reported that most of the Palestinians who were killed on Tuesday are members of the National Security Forces.

Moreover, Dr. Jom’a Al Saqqa, head of the Public Relations Office at the Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza, stated that Nahidh Al Nimir and Salim Daghmash after they were shot and killed in Gaza.

 On Tuesday afternoon, one resident was shot and killed during clashes that took place in Ansar compound, west of Gaza City. The identity of the resident remained unknown. One member of the Palestinian Preventive Security Force was also killed in the clashes.

In Tal Al Hawa area, south west of Gaza City, Yousef Mteir, member of the Preventive Security Force, was killed and two others were injured during clashes that took place near the Preventive Security headquarters.

Sources at the Al Quds hospital described the injuries of the two members as serious, and added that further clashes took place near the hospital.

Nine members of the Palestinian Security Forces were killed on earlier on Tuesday during clashes that took place near Al Mintar (Karni)  Crossing.

Gunmen of Hamas and Fateh used automatic rifles and RPG shells during the clashes that took place near the crossing.

Unconfirmed sources reported that the National Security accused the Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas of stopping a security vehicle, forcing the security personnel out, and executing them by firing at their heads, the Maan news agency reported.

A statement released by the National Security Forces stated that Adel Abu Samra, Ahmad Abu Eiyada, Hasan Abu Tawaheen, Bassam Karkoa’ and Saif Abu Rashid were killed in the attack.

Hamas rejected the accusation that its members shot and killed Palestinian security men, and slammed what it described as “incitement carried out Fateh media outlets against Hamas”.

Also on Tuesday, the Al Qassam brigades said that one of its field leaders identified as Ibrahim Maniyya, was shot and killed by members of the presidential guard force as he drove near their post in Al Shujaeyya neighborhood in Gaza city.

Five other residents were injured in Gaza City, including three who were shot and injured in Al Zaitoun neighborhood.

Moreover, a lecturer at the Islamic University in Gaza city, identified as Mohammad Rajab Radwan, was abducted by unknown gunmen in Gaza and was taken to an unknown destination.

Despite a meeting between Hamas and Fateh leaders and regardless of an agreement to end the tension and withdraw the gunmen from the street, clashes are still being hear in several areas in Gaza, and gunmen are still topping several residential towers.