Latif Douri, founder and secretary of the committee for Israeli Palestinian dialogue, issued a statement on Thursday evening condemning Israeli attacks on the Gaza strip.

Douri told IMEMC via phone that the Israeli army must stop its attacks on the Palestinians and end its military as well.

In his statement that was faxed to the press, Douri said that ‘ I don’t think the attacks, which left more than 20 Palestinians killed and 45 more injured since Monday, affected Israeli chief of intelligence Youfal Dikson in the least, even in his report last week he was proud to say that his agency killed 800 Palestinians in the Gaza strip in the past two years, yet he failed to say that 152 of those 800 were children among them 48 minors.’

Douri added that this recent Israeli escalation of attacks will destroy the peace efforts and will increase tension in the region.

The committee for Israeli Palestinian dialogue is an Israeli Peace group and was founded in 1986 by Israelis of Oriental Origins, the peace groups are active in protesting against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.