Two Palestinian children were injured during ongoing Israeli military operations in the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem.

At least 20 army vehicles and one bulldozer invaded Bethlehem city center late Thursday night as a part of continued Israeli military operations there.

Abded Al Hameed Fawaghrah, 3 years old, suffered tear gas inhalation and was moved to the hospital after invading soldiers fired tear gas at his family home. Fawaghrah was admitted to the IC unit at the Bethlehem Public Hospital where his condition was stabilized. According to his father, Fawaghrah was born with a heart condition. As a result of tear gas inhalation he had difficulty breathing and required emergency medical care.

Additional victims included a 15 year old girl who suffered from shock after the army opened fire near her house in the center of Bethlehem. She was also rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Troops surrounded the house of Mohamed Ish-Hadah, a leader of the Al Quds brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad. Witnesses told IMEMC that soldiers forced Ish-Hadah's family outside and made the male family members strip in the street. Local youth hurled stones at the invading troops and clashes were reported near the Ish-Hada home. Eye-witnesses added that soldiers shelled the family's house setting it on fire. Following this, an Israeli army bulldozer proceeded to demolish it.