On Friday, a group of Israeli settlers attempted to confiscate a Palestinian-owned store in East Jerusalem. The Palestinian family who owned the store were surprised when a group of Israeli settlers accompanied by construction workers entered illegally and would not leave.Wesal Arna'ut, member of the owner's family, said that she filed a complaint with a nearby Israeli police station against the invasion and submitted a court order she obtained from an Israeli court preventing any kind of unauthorized construction work in the store.  She stated that later four Israeli police officers arrived at the scene and stopped the workers, forcing them out of the store.

A few hours later she received a phone call from the police station telling her that the Israeli settlers submitted documents in which they claimed that they purchased the store from the family.  Wesal refuted this claim and stated that the store was never purchased or rented, affirming her ownership.  She called on all Palestinian officials in East Jerusalem to intervene to stop the settlers from attempts to confiscate the store.