Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, will hold talks today with the Egyptian President, Husni Mubarak, in Cairo.
Abbas will be discussing latest developments in the region, including underway talks with Israel, aimed at reaching peace by the end of 2008, as envisioned by Washington during the last November’s Annapolis summit.

Also, Abbas will be holding talks with the Jordanian Monarch, AbdullahII, in Amman, as the three leaders are ecpected to hold a trilateral summit meeting, media sources reported.
Yesterday, the Palestinian president discussed with the Saudi King, Abdullah Ben Abdelazziz, in Riadah, the most important issues of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, as well as Fatah-Hamas severed ties.

Palestinian sources saud that Abbas met yesterday also with the chief of Egyptian intelligence, Omar Suleiman, and that the president briefed the Egyptian secutrity official on the Palestinain conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories in light of the Israeli military escalation.

Suleiman has been recently mediating between Israel and the Palestinians over a ceasefire deal that might end Israeli attacks and halt Palestinian homemade shells fire from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, with no concrete progress acheived up to writing this report.

Earlier this week, the Palestinian president participated in the 20th Arab states summit in Damascus, in which he emphasized that negotiations with Israel could not go on, while Israel keeps up attacks on the Palestinian people.