Israeli president, Shimon Peres, stated yesterday that stopping homemade shells fire from Gaza onto nearby Israeli areas requires Israel to reoccupy the Gaza Strip, an option Israel never wants.
Israeli army radio quoted the Nobel peace prize winner, as saying during a meeting with foreign missions representatives in Israel, that reoccupying Gaza would guarantee halt of homemade shells fire, noting that Palestinians do not want peace.

‘ the political process that underway with the Palestinian leadership will be a prolonged one due to Palestinians’ unseriousness towards concluding an agreement’, the Israeli president told his guests.

In addition, Peres opposed any talk over the issue of Palestinian refugees, saying that Israel by so doing, ‘is committing a demographic suicide’ and that any return of Palestinian refugees would mean a ‘No Israeli Jewish state’.

According to United Nations general assembly resolution, 194, stipulates that Palestinians who were displaced by Israel in 1948, should be given the right to return.

In September 2005, Israel disengaged unilaterally from the Gaza Strip by removing troops and armed thousands of armed Israeli settlers, yet it maintained a presence and control of Gaza’s border lines, sea and airspace.

In June2007, Israel placed the coastal region under a strict closure after the Islamist Hamas party seized control over there.

Also, the Israeli army has killed more that 300 Palestinians over the past four months alone, as Palestinian homemade shells have claimed the lives of two Israelis in the same time period.