A Palestinian resident from the Gaza Strip city of Deir Elbalah, was reportedly found killed Tuesday in a vague circumstances.
Palestinian media sources and witnesses said that Sami Khattab, a former Palestinian intelligence service personnel was found dead today morning in the evacuated Israeli settlement of Nitsarim to the south of Gaza city.

The family of Khattab accused the Palestinian police forces of the ruling Hamas party in Gaza of kidnapping and murdering their son a couple of days ago.

The Hamas’s interior ministry denied responsibility for the incident and said its security services had been reported about the killing and headed for the crime’s scene for regular check up.

The ministry denounced the ‘hideous crime’ and said it would hunt down on perpetrators and bring them to justice soon.

Meanwhile, Khaled aL-Batch, an Islamic Jihad local leader in Gaza, condemned the killing and rejected crimes among the Palestinian people. He also called on the Hamas-led police to purify the Palestinian society of crime and criminals.

The said incident is a part of a series of internal events that have ripped through the Gaza Strip over the past several months, following the Hamas’s takeover of the coastal region in June of last year.

The Palestinian Authority’s security services used to belong to the secular Fatah party of President Mahmoud Abbas, before the Islamist Hamas ejected such forces in June2007.