Oh well… Gaza residents will apparently be able to collect the bodies of their loved ones, and maybe gather their body parts and bury them peacefully without being afraid of a new Israeli air strike or ground offensives.Israeli military analysts stated on Wednesday that the Israeli army “will not rush into invasions, either partial or large until the Jewish feasts are over”, which is until the end of this month or even the first week of the coming month.

Roni Daniel, an Israeli analyst, said that army commanders decided not to rush into large-scale invasions into Gaza until the Jewish feasts are over.

Yet, another military analyst, Alon Bin David, hinted that the army is still considering expanding its offensive in the Gaza Strip and is still considering more painful strikes against fighters who are firing homemade shells into adjacent Israeli areas.

 Bin David added that these strikes will be carried out against the fighters “even if they are located, or hiding, among the civilian population”.  I mean… well, after all the ends justify the means.

Ehud Ya’ary, another analyst, said that he believes that Hamas movement will increase its activities until Egypt opens the gate of the Rafah terminal and until the siege is eased on Gaza.

He added that all of this is carried out in order to push Israel to demand Egyptian interference with Hamas in order to accept a truce, and then Hamas will reply by saying that border crossings should be opened first.

But…oh well, the army is still operating in Gaza, killed twenty residents, including six children and one reporter, on Wednesday, while resistance fighters fired more than 20 homemade shells at nearby Israeli settlements in the Negev.

Commenting on Wednesday’s attacks and the death of civilians and children, an Israeli army spokesperson chose to disregard, or maybe not, the civilian casualties, and said “We hit our target today”.

 Wow.. that’s really frank, I mean, nearly in every Israeli air strike or shelling, deaths among civilians and children became “a natural occurrence”, but the new thing is that this time, and after one strike killed twelve residents, including six chilren, there was a spokesperson of the army who said “we hit our target”.

Apparently you did, general, apparently you always do, that’s why civilian casualties among the Palestinians are always high, that is why you kill more civilians and children than you kill fighters. That’s why your army shells hospitals, bridges, streets, civilian facilities and homes.

The army admitted it killed twenty Palestinians, including children and a reporter, when army commanders did not hide the “victory” of killing four Hamas fighters, apparently the rest does not mater.

I guess it’s worth it, from a military point of view, I mean killing four fighters, and expressing sorrow that the rest were civilians, maybe that makes amend.

Well… now Gaza can rest, maybe but maybe not, Jewish feasts are on the horizon, and the army might want to freeze, cease, limit, narrow or whatever you like, its military offensive in Gaza, and Gaza residents may be able to collect the body parts of the loved ones and conduct proper burials.

But of course, this break if it really happens, will be partial, hospitals will still lack medicine and equipment because of the ongoing siege, fuel crises will not end, and more patients might be added to the list of patients who died in Gaza as they were barred from leaving the coastal region for medical treatment abroad.

So, now with over a 130 Palestinians, mainly children and civilians, killed by the Israeli army in one week, and nearly 130 others died after they were barred from leaving Gaza for medical treatment, hey Gaza, you will have a break… Israel will celebrate the feasts and might try not to kill Palestinians until the feasts are over, and now Gaza.. You might have a break, and you might be able to collect your wounds and take a short breath.

But make this breath really short as Israeli leaders, and their military commanders, are still preparing for yet another military escalation.