Representatives of some Western countries walked out of a session of the UN Security Council on Wednesday after a speech which was delivered by the deputy of the Libyan representive, Ibrahin Al Dabashi. In his speech, al Dabashi compared the situation in the Gaza Strip to the Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

Diplomats at the Security Council said that "these comments came during a session that was held over the Middle East".

After that, the diplomats left the session in protest of these comments. Among those senior diplomats who left the session were the envoys of the United States, France, Britain, Belgium and Costa Rica.

One of the Diplomats said that "we are trying to be tolerant when it comes to different points of view, but with limits."

Al Dibashi made these comments while discussing a draft statement proposed by Libya and other countries expressing their deep concern over the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Domisani Komalu, representative of South Africa to the UN and current head of the Security Council, which consists of 15 member countries (five of which are permanent members, including the USA, Britain , France, Russia and China), wrapped up the meeting after the withdrawal of the Western representatives.

In a press conference held after the session, Komalu said that the Security Council had failed again to reach an agreement, and that the council will discuss the issue later.

Karin Peres, a British senior official said that "a number of the members of the Council were upset because of the comparison that was made by the Libyan official compairing the situation in the Gaza Strip with the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews, they do not think that such statements would help in pushing the peace process forward."