Egyptian security sources reported on Friday that Egyptian authorities sent hundreds of policemen to the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip to enforce security and to prevent the Palestinians from breaching the borders.

The Eqyption security sources reported that the action came after information stating that thousands of residents of the Gaza Strip will flock to Erez crossing north of the Gaza Strip and the Rafah crossing after the weekly, Friday prayer in protest of the blockade imposed by Israel

An anonymous source said that the move was "a precaution to prevent any attempt by the Palestinians to breach the borders with Egypt." He added that 300-400 policemen backed by armored vehicles were deployed today inside the Rafah crossing and in front of its gate on the Egyptian side and added "that there is no specific danger that threatens the borders".

This came after Israel's rejection of Hamas' declaration of a six month truce in the Gaza Strip during which the blockade would be lifted and said that "the Gaza activists want to prepare themselves for more fighting and not peace."