On Friday, he villagers of Bil’in located near the central West Bank city of Ramallah conducted their weekly nonviolent protest against the illegal Israeli wall built on the village land.

As the case each week, villagers from Bil’in along with Israeli and international peace activists marched towards the location of the Wall which is separating the village from its land. As soon as the protest reached the gate of the Wall soldiers showered the protestors with tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets. Scores of protesters were treated for gas inhalation.

The village of Bil’in has been protesting the construction of the wall on the village’s land since around three years.

Today Abdullah abu Rahmeh, the coordinator of The popular committee for Wall and land defense welcomed the international supporters who came from different countries in support of the local residents of the village of Bill’en in their anti Wall and settlement weekly protest.

Fabio, an Italian of the European communist party delivered a speech in which he expressed his support and solidarity with the residents of Bel’ien. Hassan , a member of the Chic communist party praised the struggle of the residents of Belien and their right of having an independent State affirming the support of the European socialist parties of the Palestinians until gaining their freedom and independence.

Meanwhile, a delegation of physicians of the United Nations offered treatment and medicines to the residents of Bil’ien due to the bad economic and health situation and in the village.

Ahmad Yaseen, head of the village Council thanked the delegation headed by Dr Ghalib al Basheer for their support.