Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, stressed on Tuesday that his government will soon take some necessary actions to handle the situation in the Gaza Strip, while his intelligence service chief, Amos Gil'ad, accused Hamas of attempting to breach border lines.

Israeli media sources reported that Olmert is considering a new security and economic plan for the town of Sderot and other Israeli settlement populations, located near the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza involving Hamas , continue to fire homemade shells into Sderot and other nearby Israeli towns, within what they call ' a natural reaction to the Israeli occupation attacks on Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank'.

Meanwhile, chief of Israeli intelligence service known or SHABAK, Amos Gil'ad, revealed that the ruling Hamas party in Gaza and other factions in the Strip, have plans to carry on attacks during May In May, the Palestinian people commemorate their Nakba or catastrophe, when Israel displaced in 1948 hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland in historical Palestine.

In a report, presented to Israeli cabinet on Tuesday, Gil'ad said " Hamas is planning to breach border lines between Gaza and Israel and is set to carry out a series of attacks including sniping and abducting Israeli soldiers".

On Wednesday, the Israeli inner security cabinet is due to hold discussions over such reports, Israeli media sources said. Over the past several days, the ruling Hamas party in Gaza has been warning of what it termed an explodsion of the situation if the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip continues.

Israel placed Gaza under a strict siege since June2007, when the Islamist democratically-elected party of Hamas took over the coastal region amidst factional infighting with the secular Fatah party of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.