Israeli Yent News reported on Tuesday a police sources said that the gag order on the investigation against Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, will be gradually lifted in the coming days. The statement came after the New York Post published and exclusive report revealing details on the pending investigation against Olmert, the Ynet News added. Most of the published details are still embargoed in Israel as a comprehensive gag order is still in place.

The Post reported that Morris Talansky, an millionaire financer residing in the US and runs an investment firm from his home in Woodmere, allegedly gave money to Olmert as the later was still in his position as the Mayor of Jerusalem in the 1990’s.

The Israeli authorities refrained from publishing Talansky’s name and only referred to him as an “American businessman”. The authorities believe that publishing his name could obstruct the investigation.

The Post reported that Talansky, 75, who is a generous donor to several politicians including Rudy Giuliani and Bill Clinton, is currently in Jerusalem and is preparing for a closed-door court hearing in the case.