Five Palestinians have been killed and at least seven were wounded in two separate Israeli air strikes at residential areas in the Gaza Strip on Friday.Medical sources reported that three Palestinians were killed and three others were wounded in an air strike that targeted the southern Gaza Strip area of Khan Younis, Friday midnight.

The sources reported that the bodies of the dead were charred and heavily mutilated as Israel war planes fired a number of missiles at the neighborhood. The dead were identified as, Mohammad Abu Odeh, Omar Al-Sirr and Samir Wafi.

In a separate incident, eyewitnesses said that an Israeli drone fired one missile at Rafah’s city center, killing two Palestinians and wounding four, Friday night.

Meanwhile, medical sources at Abu Yousef Annajjar hospital said the dead were Bassam Abu Shbeikeh, 23 and Mohammad Abu Irmana 25.

The air strikes came soon after a home made Qassam shell hit the southern town of Sderot killing an Israel woman, Friday evening.