Two Palestinian civilians were kidnapped during and Israeli army attack targeting the towns of Abu-Dis and Al Eziryiah located near Jerusalem city, two civilians were kidnapped.

Hanni Jaffal, 19, from Abu-Dis, and Jameel Halabah, 19, from Al Eziryiah, were released from Israeli detention camps just eight moths ago.

Witnesses said that troops searched a number of homes in the two towns before taking the two youth to unknown locations.

Also on Wednesday morning Israeli troops stopped the car of Mujahed Abu Rumi, 40, in Al Eziryiah town and took him and his son to the nearby settlement of Ma’alyih Adomem, there soldiers fined him with 500 NIS claming he was driving an illegal car.

The soldiers also gave Al Rumi a military order for an interview with the security service office next week.

Local sources said Al Rumi house and his brothers houses were attacked and searched by the Israeli army several times this week; his son was released a month ago after being detained by the Israeli army for some time.