Palestinian media sources reported on Monday that an official delegation from the ruling Hamas movement in Gaza has arrived in the Egyptian capital to meet Egyptian officials regarding the proposed ceasefire deal between Hamas and Israel.

The Hamas delegation included Gaza-based Hamas leader, Dr. Mahmoud Al Zahhar, accompanied by Mussa Aby Marzuka and Mohamed Al Allami, leading figures in the movement who are based outside of the coastal region. The delegates will meet with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman to be briefed over the latest updates to the Israeli response to the proposed deal.


Head of the delegation, senior leader Mahmoud Alzahar, told media outlets at the Rafah crossing terminal in southern Gaza that his party wants Israel wants to respond to the last month's ceasefire offer with Yes or No and that each response will have its own consequences.


Alzahhar added that the Palestinian factions' representatives have reached a consensus over the ceasefire with Israel and that there has been an Egyptian-Palestinian agreement on the issue.


The Hamas representatives are due to hold a meeting with the Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Sulieman.


Meanwhile, the Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, held on Monday talks with the Egyptian President, Husni Mubarak, Israeli media sources reported.


Israeli English online Daily, Haaretz, hinted at the possibility that Israel will respond positively to the ceasefire offer after all Palestinian factions agreed to the truce with Israel.


Haaretz quoted Israeli sources that Israel agreement to the ceasefire would not be an official one.


During a meeting yesterday with the Israeli Meretz party, Yusi Pelen, in the Egyptian red sea resort of Sharm Elsheikh, the Egyptian intelligence chief, Sulieman, said that Israel's agreement to the ceasefire would mean implementation of such a truce immediately.


Last week, the Israeli government responded to the last month's Hamas offer for ceasefire, demanding Hamas to release a captured Israeli soldier and stopping arms smuggling from Egypt into Gaza, before any truce is ensured.