The acting head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Ahmad Bahar, called on the European Parliament to act on ending the unjust siege on the Gaza Strip and added that the international silence and idleness is also leading to the death of civilians under the siege.

The statements of Bahar came during a meeting with seven members of the European Parliament. Palestinian legislators Ismail Al Ashqar, Jamila Al Shanty, Ahmad Al Ghoul and Mosheer Al Masry also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Dr. Bahar called on the EU to sue Israel for its crimes against humanity and added that the EU plays an important role in the international arena.

“The European Union does not accept the racist Israeli violations”, Bahar added, “The siege is affecting all aspects of live, and led to the death of more than 160 patients”.

Bahar presented detailed information of the suffering of the Palestinian people under the siege which affect all aspects of life and is causing a real humanitarian disaster.

He also said that the Palestinian Legislative Council is acting in order to restore international unity and called for dialogue by inviting the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to Gaza in order to start comprehensive unity talks.

Bahar added that the continued Israeli arrest and imprisonment of the Palestinian legislators is a direct violation to the international law and the Palestinian legitimacy. He also expressed willingness to continue the talks with the EU.