The media office of Asrana (Our Detainees) Center in Jerusalem voiced an appeal to human rights groups, the Red Cross and Arab members of Israelis Knesset, to act for the formation of an international committee to investigate the illegal Israeli practices against the detainees.

Head of the office, Monqith Abu Roomy, stated that the army humiliates, tortures and abuses the detainees after their arrests, and also interrogates them even before they are transferred to interrogation centers.

“The soldiers are carrying deadly assaults against the detainees”, Abu Roomy said, “They do not care whether the detainee is old or young, sick…”.

Several detainees who were recently released from detention, especially younger detainees, said that they were forced to sign statements which they could not read as they were written in Hebrew.  Additionally, at court the detainees were surprised to know that these statements could indict them and cause them to receive harsh terms while the courts disregarded the fact that these statements should be voided.