Dawoud Shihab, a leader in the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza, told media on Thursday that Israel did not open the borders last week.The official said Israel did not close the border crossing leading in or out of the Gaza strip because the Islamic Jihad fired home made shells at nearby Israeli areas, rather " they never opened them at all to begin with." He added that the firing of the home made shells on Wednesday at the Israeli town of Sederot, located near Gaza, was a response to the Israeli attacks targeting the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. On Tuesday the Israeli army killed two Palestinians in Nablus one of whom was a member of the Islamic Jihad.  In addition on Wednesday Israeli troops shot and injured a Palestinian farmer near the northern Gaza-Israeli borders. The Islamic Jihad fired two home made shells on Wednesday at Israeli areas near the Gaza Strip in response. Israel further announced that it will not open the crossings into the coastal region. Last week The Egyptian-mediated truce between Hamas, which has controlled Gaza since June 2007, and Israel took effect. The ceasefire deal stipulates that Hamas will cease firing homemade shells into Israeli territory in exchange for Israel lifting the 12 month-blockade and ceasing all military attacks against the Gaza Strip. In addition the truce deal states that Israel and Hamas will start to conduct indirect talks over a prisoner-swap deal. Both Hamas and Israel have announced that they agree on the conditions.