Palestinian students ask British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Sunday to press Israel to let Gazan students that have been accepted at foreign universities go to school in September. Students trapped in the Gaza Strip together with representatives of the British campaign of “Let Palestinian Students Study” sent a message to Gordon Brown upon his arrival to the Palestinian territories.

The message was signed by Rami Abdu representative of the British campaign and Wa’el Ad-Dayeh coordinator of the trapped students committee. The message said:

“Dreams of the students in Gaza faded away day after day and hour after hour, despite the guarantee of freedom of movement and transportation in humankind’s human rights. It is time to relieve the students’ pains and it is time for them to be allowed to study, we hope to receive a serious decision to let us leave to rejoin our college.’ The letter also stated that there are a number of Gazans enrolled in British universities.

The students wished to tell Prime Minister Brown that they had ‘been treated with inhumanity and with no respect for our dignity, we are simply students who want to study to build a decent future for our families.’

The group said that despite having been accepted or currently enrolled in British and European universities, and having been granted permits and visas, they have been unable to get permission to leave the Gaza Strip.