Israel stated that it would shut all border crossing in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in response to Qassam shells fired by Palestinian fighters from the Gaza Strip into adjacent Israeli areas, according to Israeli sources. Military sources in Israel said that a homemade Qassam shell was fired on Monday and hit an area near the Negev town of Sderot. The shell landed in an open area causing no damage or injuries.

According to the Israel army, this attack comes two days after Palestinian fighters fired a homemade shell at the Western Negev; this shell also landed in an open area.

The decision to shut down the border crossing was announced by the Israeli Defense Ministry later on Monday.

This would be the third time Israel has closed the crossings since a fragile truce was declared between the two sides on June 19.

Haaretz reported that Raed Fattouh, a Palestinian official in charge of coordinating the delivery of supplies into Gaza, stated that he was notified by Israeli officials that no good or supplies would be allowed into Gaza on Tuesday.