Radio Free Palestine is presented by the IMEMC (in Beit Sahour) and CKUT
Radio (in Montreal) in commemoration of the 62nd anniversary of the
Palestinian Nakba or catastrophe, marked this year on May 15th, 2010.In 1948 eighty-five percent of the Palestinians living in the areas that
became the state of Israel became refugees. More than 500 Palestinian
villages were depopulated and later destroyed to prevent the return of the
refugees. Today there are a total of 7 million Palestinian refugees,
dispersed throughout the world – the largest and longest running refugee
problem yet unresolved.

62-years later, Israel continues to occupy and colonize Palestinian land
through the construction of Jewish only settlements and the Wall in the
West Bank. The Gaza Strip has been turned into one large prison. Israel
violates international law and commits ongoing war crimes and crimes
against humanity. And Palestinians abroad are the world’s oldest refugee
population, making-up more than one fourth of all refugees.

WHEN? Thursday, May 13th, 2010

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CKUT received the 2009 Community Radio Awards for Best Special Programming
for the Radio Free Palestine Broadcast held May 15th, 2008. The entirety
of that broadcast is archived here:

Please contact gretchen king ( / 514.448.4041 x6788) with any

CKUT Montreal, Quebec
KBOO Portland, Oregon
CFRU Guelph, Ontario
CKDU, Halifax, Nova Scotia
‘Radio Intifada’ (KPFK/Pacifica fm radio, Los Angeles, California)

**Thursday, May 13th, tentative schedule**

Hours 7-9am will be in French.

:: 7am
-Remembering the Nakba: Stories with community elders who were there
-Commemoration on the life of Rezeq Faraj, 1943-2009

:: 8am
-review of Regards Palestinian
( with mary-ellen davis -Samir
Abdallah réalisateurs de documentaire Gaza-Strophes! Le Jour d’après
-abdulrahman on Nakba commemorations in Djibouti
-french music about palestine

:: 9am
-traditional music from palestine
-live with palestinian poet tamim barghoti performing later that night in
-oral histories from people in Nablus who lived through the Nakba in
arabic with english translation

:: 10am
-a special on Palestinian Christians 28 mins (jenka)
-one state with ali abunimah (sabine or excerpts from KBOO rec of Ali

:: 11am
-Media bias on the Palestine-Israel issue
-Tawfiq Zayyad’s poem, Here We Shall Stay
-a long documentary about kids in Palestine

:: Noon
Women’s Music for Palestine

:: 1pm
-Palestinian women under occupation (Samaa)
-Susan Abulhawa about her novel, Mornings In Jenin.

:: 2pm
-cultural commemorations of the Nakba
-recordings from Palestinian Festival of Literature

Break for 2 hours.

:: 5pm
-Palestinian Prisoners
-Kevin Neish, crew member, free Gaza boats
-‘Impressions of Palestine’: conversations with Palestinians, Jews, and
Canadian activists on recent solidarity visits, study tours, and family
visits to the West Bank.