On Tuesday morning, the slogan ‘Kahane Tzadak’ (Kahane was right) was found written on the walls of restaurants, stores and on the walls of the Latin church in Jaffa City.According to PNN (Palestine News Network), an eyewitness saw the settlers arriving in a car and spraying the slogan on the door of Al-Farir School that belongs to the Latin Church.

The same graffiti was later found on the walls of the church, the Islamic Club, and also near the Abu Al-Abed Restaurant and on the walls of Al-Ghazazwa Garden.

Local sources told the PNN that although they stopped a local police patrol and informed them about what happened, the police did not respond in a direct and forceful manner.

Recently, similar graffiti was also found in the village of Kufur Quddoum, east of Qalqilia, close to a Jewish settlement where Kahane grew up.

The words “Kahane was right” were sprayed on several tombstones in the Arab graveyard.

Meir Kahane was a well-known right-wing Israeli rabbi and the leader of the Jewish organization, Kach. The movement was later regarded byIsrael as a terrorist group.

He was known in the United States and Israel for advocating for massive Jewish immigration to Israel, and massive Arab expulsion, using the imminent threat of a ‘Second Holocaust,’ to justify the immigration.

He also promoted the idea a ‘Greater Israel,’ which supports a proposal for Israel to annex the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Kahane was shot in Manhattan in 1990, following a speech he had given.