A number of Israeli Military Jeeps were seen driving in Bethlehem while accompanied by members of the Palestinian Security Forces. They “toured” in several areas, including the Manger Square. The Maan News Agency reported that five Israeli military jeeps, and four Palestinian security vehicles, drove in several streets in Bethlehem.

As Maan cameraman started taking pictures of the incident, Palestinian security men prevented stopped him, and even confiscated one of his cameras by force.

Maan considered the incident as a violation to the Freedom of Press, and a violation to the Palestinian law in general.

It filed an official complaint to the Journalists Union, and demanded it to act against the violation.

Fateh movement, that dominates the appointed Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, also slammed the incident and said that this is an attempt to disrupt the festive atmosphere in Bethlehem as it readies for Christmas.

It also denounced the attack on the reporters, and the confiscation of the camera.

The camera was returned to the reporter later on, while a Bethlehem District security official vowed to investigate the issue.

He said that initial information revealed that the residents came too close to the security vehicles, an issue that “pushed security officials to estimate a security threat”.

The Coordination Committee of the Palestinian factions in the Bethlehem district slammed that attack on Maan reporter, and also slammed preventing the reporters from taking pictures.

It also denounced the Israeli Army for entering Bethlehem while it readies for Christmas.