A Palestinian village which is completely cut off from the West Bank by the illegal Israeli separation barrier has been without electricity for ten days. Mechanics required to repair their only generator require special permission from the Israeli military to enter the enclave.The village of Dhaher al-Malih west of Jenin in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, has had to rely on generators from the Palestinian Authority for power. Ten days ago, their sole remaining generator broke down leaving the isolated villagers without electricity.

Although the town is just 100 metres from the Palestinian grid, Israeli authorities refuse to allow them to connect to it. One kilowatt of power from the grid would cost them just 0.6 Shekkels, while one kilowatt from a generator costs them 3 Shekels.

Attempts by the PA to connect the village to the grid have been rebuffed by Israel, and attempts by the villagers to bring mechanics in to repair the generator have met with a similar response.