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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday July 11, 2013.

Human rights group announces that a five-year-old boy was detained by Israeli soldiers, and Israeli settlers cut-off over a 1000 olive trees owned by Palestinian farmers. These stories and more, coming up, stay tuned.

The Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem reported Thursday that a 5-year-old Palestinian boy was detained by Israeli soldiers earlier in the week in Hebron, southern West Bank. According to the report soldiers accused the boy of throwing a stone at a settler’s car. The Israeli soldiers then detained Karam, the boy’s father, and handcuffed and blindfolded him at the nearby Israeli military base. Eventually, Karam and his son were released after being transferred to the Palestinian police.

B’Tselem said on Thursday that because the age of criminal responsibility in Israel and the West Bank is 12, the army is not allowed to arrest or detain children under that age, and Israeli soldier’s detention of minors suspected of throwing stones has no legal grounds when the minors are below the age of criminal responsibility.

In other news Ghassan Daghlas, in charge of Israeli Settlements File at the Palestinian Authority, has reported that a number of extremist Israeli settlers cut off on Thursday 1150 Palestinian Olive trees east of the Nablus District northern West Bank.

Villagers said that the settlers used chainsaws to destroy the trees on land that belongs to the villagers of Awarta. Because the villagers’ land is isolated behind the Annexation Wall, they need to obtain a special permit from Israel, and although they heard the sound of chainsaws during the week, they could not check their land to see what was happening.

Elsewhere on Thursday clashes took place in the Al-Fawwar refugee camp in Hebron following an invasion by Israeli soldiers. The clashes took place near Ein Ad-Dabla area in the camp, and the soldiers fired rubber-coated metal bullets, gas bombs, and concussion grenades.

Furthermore, the army installed a roadblock at the entrance of the camp, and violently attacked a number of children. On Wednesday evening, soldiers also installed a roadblock near the Kharsa Junction, and stopped and interrogated dozens of residents trying to return home before Iftar time, following their daylong fast on the first day of the Holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

And that’s all for today from the IMEMC News; this was the Thursday July 11th, news round-up from the Occupied Palestinian Territories. For more news and updates please visit our website at Today’s report has been brought to you by Shamus Slaunwhite and me, Ghassan Bannoura.