Media sources in the northern West Bank city of Jenin several Israeli military vehicles invaded, on Thursday evening, the al-‘Arqa village, west of Jenin, kidnapped one residents while many suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation.The sources said the soldiers kidnapped ‘Ala Bassam Yahia, 21 years of age, after invading his family’s home and violently searching it, causing excessive property damage.

Medical sources said scores of Palestinians, including the family of Yahia, suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation, after the soldiers fired dozens of gas bombs and concussion grenades during the invasion.

In related news, the Jerusalem District Court renewed detention orders against seven Jerusalemite Palestinians for what it called “incitement on their Facebook pages.”
They were taken prisoner by the army on December 15.

They have been identified as Omar Shalabi, Odai Sonnoqrot, Tareq al-Kurd, Sami Ed’ies, Ibrahim ‘Abdin, Nasser al-Hidmi and Fuad Rweidi. An eight Palestinian identified as Omar Mheisin was released, and placed under house arrest.

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