Egyptian authorities informed Palestinian officials in Gaza that they will not be reopening the Rafah crossing for three days on Tuesday, as previously promised, after an Egyptian solider was kidnapped yesterday, in Sinai.Al Ray reports that Maher Abu Sabha, chief of Gaza crossings said in a statement, on Monday: ‘After the Egyptian side informed us about reopening Rafah crossing on Tuesday till Thursday, two hours later, they informed us that they will not be able to fulfill their promise, as an Egyptian offices was kidnapped.’

He noted that the ongoing closure of Rafah crossing worsens the suffering of ten thousands stranded travelers, including patients, students, stays holders, wives, Egyptians in Gaza, and foreign passports holders.

Abo Sabha expressed sadness and dismay over the kidnapping incident involving an Egyptian solider, considering it ‘an irresponsible act, especially as it increased the suffering of Gazans’.

Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah crossing for three days, mid-December, after nearly two months of an ongoing closure, due to a ‘security operation’ carried out in Sinai, after the ambush attack in October of 2014, in which more than 30 soldiers were killed and other wounded.

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