Bethlehem University campus, on Thursday, witnessed a delightful and joyful atmosphere during annual celebrations of Palestinian cultural heritage. The student council, in collaboration with the Students Affairs Deanship celebrated by performing the annual traditional Palestinian wedding show in the presence of Palestinian artist Alaa Jallad.

According to the Palestinian News Network (PNN), BU Students participating in the symbolic and entertaining wedding wore traditional Palestinian costume, in addition to performing the traditional songs and dances, including al-Dabkah.

Part of the activities which took place in BU’s campus, during Thursday’s activity hour, included Henna tattoos painted by the female participants for their fellow female students. Also, the activity provided free traditional food made in the Palestinian traditional weddings, to give the students a taste of their parents’ and grandparents’ past.

The Head of the BU student council, Mohammad Salhab said that the activity comes as a revival of the Palestinian heritage and the Palestinian identity that the Israeli occupation continuously tries to wipe out or steal. Salhab added that the wedding included events based on the traditional Palestinian wedding, like the bride and groom’s traditional breakfast, Henna tattoos and traditional costumes.

Motaz Allan, member of the council, said that the activity aims to break the daily routine of the students and entertain them, as well as inform them about their own heritage.

Haneen Salah, member of Sisters of Dalal Committee, stressed the importance of reminding Palestinian youth of their heritage, and honoring it by celebrating Palestinian traditions.

The Palestinian Cultural Wedding is considered one of the most beautiful traditional representations and one of the most joyful events in Palestinian society, despite the Israeli attempts to obliterate the features of our identity and traditions, especially in international events through the judaizations of Palestinian traditions and landmarks.

However, such events as the Palestinian traditional wedding, held annually at BU, stress the fact the Palestinian people are fighting back and still standing tall in the face of Israeli attacks on the people and their lands.

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