The Palestinian Prisoners Society has reported Wednesday that two ailing detainees, held by Israel, suffered sharp health deterioration, while Israel continues to deny them the right to specialized medical treatment.The PPS said the Israeli Prison Authority is even refusing to grant them the right to medical examination, for proper diagnoses, especially since they likely require surgeries.

A PPS lawyer managed to visit Mohammad Ebrash, 36, from the central West bank city of Ramallah, and said the detainee requires various surgeries in his eyes, ears and one of his arms, and that he was shot and injured prior to his arrest, causing him to lose one of his legs.

Ebrash is currently held in the Eshil Israeli prison; he was sentenced to three life terms and additional 35-year imprisonment.

The lawyer also visited detainee Ibrahim al-Ghaseen, 38, who suffers a 10-centimeter long tumor in his neck, and that the growth is gradually enlarging, causing him to suffer serious breathing issues while sleeping.

The detainee also suffers a detached left eye retina, migraine, high blood pressure in addition to various health issues in his stomach and intestines.

He was taken prisoner in 2009, and was sentenced to six and a half years; he is currently held in the Ramon Prison.