Israeli occupation authorities have asked a number of Palestinians to close their Facebook accounts, in order to be allowed to travel via Erez crossing.Head of the studies and documentations unit at the Detainees’ Commission, Abdul-Nasser Ferwana, noted that Israeli occupation authorities now follow new methods of extorting Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

He explained that authorities demanded that Palestinians not criticize Israel on their Facebook accounts, or to completely close them, in order to obtain permission to travel via Erez crossing.

He said that the most affected people are the official figures, adding that they may arrest and/or cancel permission to travel.

Erez crossing, controlled by Israel, is the only crossing via which Palestinians in Gaza can travel to the occupied West Bank or Jordan, Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency reports.

Most of the travelers are medical patients.

Ferwana considers this a new form of blackmail which contradicts international regulations, pointing to other cases in which Israeli forces arrested youths in the West Bank for their activities on Facebook.

He said that Israeli occupation authorities arrested 50 Palestinians from Gaza, while they were seeking to travel via Erez crossing, since the beginning of this year.

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