Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran combatants who have served in the Israeli military since the start of the Second Intifada, and have taken it upon themselves to expose the Israeli public to the reality of everyday life in the Occupied Territories. They endeavor to stimulate public debate about the price paid for a reality in which young soldiers face a civilian population on a daily basis, and are engaged in the control of that population’s everyday life. Their work aims to bring an end to the occupation.
video catalog number: 64700
rank: Sergeant First Class
unit: Armored Corps
place: Gaza Strip
period: Operation Protective Edge 2014

“The testifier describes the rules of engagement as explained by the Regiment Commander and Company Commander during Operation Protective Edge. The approach was that anyone found in the vicinity of IDF forces was suspect, and therefore it was permissible to shoot to kill him/her.”

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