Al Dawabsha, burned to death in 2015

5 years after a brutal act of terror by a gang of Israelis, who set a family’s home on fire, causing the deaths of the mother, father and baby, and leaving only the 4-year old alive, critically wounded with burns all over his body, the final arguments were presented Sunday in the case of the last Israeli charged with involvement in the murder of the Dawabsha family.

Amiram Ben-Ulliel was the ringleader of the group who set the fire, according to the prosecution and Ulliel’s own words. He led a group of teens, several of whom were underage, into the Palestinian village that night with the intent of harming Palestinians.

Ben-Ulliel has state in court and to police that he did participate in the murders, but prosecutors have so far failed to get a full conviction. Instead, the Israeli court ordered that his admission of guilt and description of the crime could be kept out of court because of Ben-Ulliel’s claim that he was tortured by Israeli police — a claim which police deny.

The indictment against Ben-Ulliel was changed five months ago, after a deal with the prosecution, from a charge of participating in the crime, to a lesser charge of planning to  commit a racially motivated crime.

The Israeli Central Court in Lod on Sunday held closing arguments in the case related to the burning and killing of the Dawabsha family by a group of settlers on the 31st of July 2015 who set their house on fire in the village of Douma, Nablus district.

Prosecutor Yael Atzmon presented a complex case, noting that in the many interrogations he underwent, there were points where he confessed to the arson murder, and that outside the course of those interrogations, he then reconstructed the crime at the scene in Duma.

But the relatives of the Dawabsha family have no hope that this final case will bring closure – since the lawyers for Amiram Ben Uliel had previously managed to get the charges against him significantly reduced.

This is despite the fact that Ben-Uliel has freely admitted his involvement in the crime, and had described the scene and progression of events in detail to Israeli interrogators in ways that he could not have known if he had not been a part of the crime.

The court set the date of April 26th for the release of its verdict in the case of Ben-Ulliel.

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