On Thursday, Day 279 of the ongoing genocide in the destroyed, starved, and besieged Gaza Strip, the Israeli army continued the bombing of various parts of the coastal enclave, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians.

The Israeli army said it concluded its offensive in the Sheja’eyya neighborhood of Gaza City after two weeks of continued invasions and extensive bombings, killing and wounding hundreds of Palestinians.

The Maan News Agency said the army executed several Palestinians in the neighborhood, including a child with special needs, Mohammad Salah Bahar, who was detained by the soldiers in an apartment for one week before they killed him. The army also abducted three of Mohammad’s siblings,

Hundreds of Palestinians returned to the neighborhood to find all their homes and buildings destroyed and turned into rubble, while many were able to reach the Daraj and Tuffah neighborhoods, and Gaza’s old city, after the Israeli tanks retreated to nearby areas, however, many tanks advanced even further into Sena’a Junction area.

The Palestinian Civil Defense teams said, besides the dozens of killed Palestinians, its medics remain unable to reach the Sena’a Junction where at least 30 Palestinians have been killed, and many injured.

Overnight, the Israeli army fired missiles at many apartments on the upper floors of several residential towers, including Mushtaha Tower, one of Gaza’s landmarks, in addition to bombing and shelling many homes and residential buildings in several areas of Gaza City, including the Ansar area and the universities’ areas.

Furthermore, medical sources said the soldiers fatally shot a Palestinian on Al-Wehda Street in Gaza City.

In addition, several Palestinians were killed and injured, including children, during Israeli bombings of various parts of the city.

In Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza, the army fired missiles and shells, killing at least one Palestinian and wounding many, especially on Zammo Street.

In Central Gaza, the army fired a missile at a home in Deir Al-Balah city, killing and wounding many Palestinians, while the soldiers continued to wire and detonate homes in the Al-Mughraqa area, north of the Nusseirat refugee camp.

In Rafah, in Gaza’s southmost part, the Israeli army continued the ground invasion and bombing of the city for the third month and continued the wiring and detonation of homes in addition to the firing of artillery shells at the Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood, and the Shaboura refugee camp, causing many casualties.

Also, Palestinian Civil Defense medics also found the corpse of one slain Palestinian and another wounded resident after an Israeli drone fired a missile at them in the Mosbeh area, in the center of Rafah.

The medics also evacuated the corpse of one slain Palestinian, and several injured residents after the army bombarded the Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood, in the western part of the city.

It is worth mentioning that The United Nations Relief and Works Agency in the Near East (UNRWA) said the Israeli army attacked premises in various parts of the Gaza Strip 453 times.

UNRWA added that, among the thousands sheltering in its facilities in the Gaza Strip, 524 Palestinians were killed when two-thirds of its schools were hit.

It also stated that “Nowhere is safe in Gaza. There have been operations and strikes across all #Gaza. One of the challenges people have been trying to find somewhere safe for them & their families.”

Britain’s Foreign Secretary, David Lammy, said on X “The reports of civilian casualties following an Israeli strike near a school in Abassan in Gaza are appalling. The devastating violence in Gaza has gone on far too long and we want to see urgent measures to protect civilians, an immediate ceasefire, and the release of all hostages.”

His statements did not mention the thousands of Palestinian detainees, especially those abducted by the Israeli army in Gaza and many of them have died or killed due to torture in Israeli prisons and interrogation camps, in addition to the detainees from the West Bank.

A week ago, Thursday, a Palestinian detainee, Jamal Ahmad Shawahna, from the Jenin governorate, in the northern West Bank, has died inside an Israeli prison, due to torture and abuse.

Media sources reported on Thursday, that the Palestinian detainee died in Israeli custody; he is the father of the wounded resistance fighter, Dia’ Shawahna.

According to a statement from the Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs on July 3, “thousands of prisoners in the occupation prisons are facing torture and abuse – unprecedented in its levels – in addition to the crime of starvation and systematic medical crimes that together constituted the central reasons for the martyrdom of dozens of prisoners and detainees inside the occupation prisons and camps. The names of (18) of them were announced, and among them were administrative detainees, while the occupation continues to conceal the identities of the rest of the martyrs.”

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the army committed four massacres of families in the Gaza Strip, killing 52 Palestinians and wounding 208, including children and women.

Israel has now killed at least 38.295 Palestinians, including 16.122 children and 10.645 women, and injured more than 88.241, mostly elderly, children, and women, in addition to the thousands of missing Palestinians, largely under the rubble, in several parts of the Gaza Strip, since October 7, 2023.