On Saturday, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, stated that the U.S. Veto against a resolution demanding international protection to the Palestinian people, is an absolute proof of moral corruption of the U.S. administration, providing impunity to the ongoing Israeli crimes against the unarmed Palestinian population.

“The United States, represented by the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, have proven their corrupt and blindfolded support to Israel, so that they can ensure Israel’s crimes and violations against an unarmed civilian population remain unpunished, and continue with impunity.

Ashrawi said the U.S. Veto comes against international legitimacy and proves that Israel continues to be a state that continues to challenge and violate International Law, International Humanitarian Law, every law and principle of Legitimacy and basic Human Rights.

It added that this Veto was a clear American message to Israel to continue its crimes, encouraging it to continue the destruction of Palestinian lives and lands.

“This type of reckless behavior reflects the morally corrupt American policies and manifests the arrogance of power used by the United States against international principles,” she said, “This Veto is another sharp blow by the United States targeting justice, and the credibility of the International Community, represented by the United Nations.”

She also slammed the positions of Britain, Poland, Holland and Ethiopia, for surrendering to American pressure by abstaining from the vote.

“The international community needs to act immediately and urgently to curb the occupying power (Israel) and prevent it from committing further crimes against the unarmed Palestinian people. It must end the occupation that deliberately targets the defenseless citizens,” Dr. Ashrawi added, “It is the world’s responsibility to provide the urgently-needed protection to the Palestinians, instead of coming up with justifications for this ongoing occupation and aggression. The real test the international community faces is its credibility, and ability to fulfill its obligations and implement International Law.”

Dr. Ashrawi thanked all Security Council member countries that respected their legal and moral obligations, and voted for the resolution, therefor, stood for justice by supporting this resolution that called for international protection for the Palestinian people, and for holding Israel accountable for its crimes and violations.

She also denounced Britain, Poland, Holland and Ethiopia for bowing to American pressure, and abstaining from the vote.

It is worth mentioning that the resolution, sponsored by Kuwait, was voted for by ten countries, including Russia, China and France, while the United States stood alone in opposing it, and toppled it by using its Veto power.

On Friday, Israeli soldiers killed, Friday, a young Palestinian woman, a volunteer medic identified as Razan Ashraf Najjar, 22, and injured 100 Palestinians, including 40 with live fire, in the Gaza Strip.