First published on November 6, 2015.

A crisis in Palestine is again all over the headlines. From stabbings and molotov cocktails, to the killing of protesters and anti-Arab lynch mobs–how much of the mass media coverage can we really trust?

Abby Martin takes a look at how the so-called “Israeli-Palestine conflict” has been covered by the mainstream press during the last crisis in the region, and the variety of tactics employed by the state of Israel to control the narrative, from its Hasbara propaganda machine, to the outright killing of journalists.

Featuring interviews with Dan Cohen, an investigative journalist who lived and reported from Gaza and the occupied West Bank for 7 months, and Rania Khalek, writer and editor with the Electronic Intifada.

La Nueva Televisora del Sur (TELESUR) is a multi-state funded, pan–Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network sponsored by the governments of Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia. Founded in 2005, it is headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela.