Head of the Health and Environmental sector in Gaza’s administrative committee, Basem Naeem, stated Sunday that the banning the entry of medicine, milk for children and cuts to the salaries of medical staff, in addition to the fuel and power cut brought the health sector to a state of crisis.

Naeem informed the Palestinian Legislative Council of the dangerous conditions now unfolding, holding the Israeli occupation fully responsible.

He stressed, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, that this and other crises emerged due to the tight siege on the strip, by Israel, holding it accountable for providing the blockaded sector with the humanitarian and medical assistance in accordance with international law.

He also warned of new procedures adopted by the Health Ministry in Ramallah, pointing out that more than 175 types of medicine have run out.

He explained that the health sector suffers of an acute shortage in medical staff, coinciding with the opening of new departments in need of new staff.

The head of the health committee in the PLO expressed grave concerns over the health crisis, noting that cooperation was required in order to be solved.

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