Israeli soldiers, accompanied by military bulldozers invaded, Friday, large areas of Palestinian farmlands, in Khallet al-Qotin area, south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, uprooted and bulldozed more than 15 dunams of Palestinian agricultural lands.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers first removed fences around the lands, and started bulldozing them and uprooting the Palestinian trees.

They added that the lands belong to Omar al-Fandi, his brother Mustafa al-Afandi, Jamal Thiab Zaghari, Mohammad Abdul-Qader Abu Laban, Ahmad Abu Srour, Bassam Farahin and Riyad al-Absi.

Israel recently issued orders illegally confiscating the Palestinian-owned lands in the area, and the families filed appeals with an Israeli court, yet, the fencing and bulldozing of their lands was carried out even though the case is still pending.

The army is trying to prepare for a new illegal colonialist outpost on the Palestinian lands, next to Efrat illegal colony.