On Sunday evening, a squadron of Israeli troops invaded the Palestinian town of al-Khader, in the southern part of the West Bank, and demolished an agricultural building belonging to a Palestinian resident of the town.

Al-Khader has long been a site targeted by the Israeli military for invasions and demolitions of land, due to its location in an area that Israel has decided to colonize and take over. Numerous Palestinian homeowners have faced demolition of their homes, barns and other buildings by the Israeli military, and the forced takeover of their land as part of the effort to displace the indigenous Palestinian population to allow for Israeli colonization.

According to local activist Ahmad Salah, the troops invaded the town on Sunday evening with numerous armored vehicles and a Caterpillar D-9 armored bulldozer. They then proceeded to destroy a barn used to house animals and agricultural tools and tractors. The barn belonged to a local Palestinian farmer and was located to the west of the village.

Israeli troops claimed the barn had been constructed ‘without a permit’, but the Israeli military authorities which rule Palestinians in the West Bank have refused to issue any permits to Palestinian landowners since they began their military occupation of the region in 1967.



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