Israeli Minister of  Energy Yuval Steinitz, on Wednesday, slammed the European union for demanding a probe into last week’s police violence against pro-Palestinian protesters in Haifa.

On Tuesday, the EU issued a statement calling on Israel to probe police conduct during an Arab-Israel protest in Haifa, last week.

“It is important to hold a quick investigation into the events last week that led to the serious injury of Mossawa Director Jafar Farah, and the Israeli government has made it clear that it supports this,” the EU said in a statement.

In response, Steinitz said on Wednesday that the EU “can go straight to Hell”, saying that “this is the height of gall and hypocrisy … this is the same European Union which is now kissing-up to Iran and helping that country deal with US sanctions.”

Yuval proceeded to mention other incidents as an excuse for Israeli police brutality:

“Iran is executing and torturing homosexuals, trampling women’s rights, supporting terrorism and the Assad regime which is dropping chemical weapons on its own people. Now they’re [the EU] is going to pick on us? We, a law-abiding country, when the case of Jafar Farah is already being examined by the Police Investigation Department? That just shows how nasty the European Union can be.”

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