Israeli soldiers attacked, Monday, dozens of schoolchildren and teachers in the southern area of Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, causing dozens of teachers and schoolchildren to suffer the severe effects of teargas inhalation.

Media sources in Hebron said the soldiers fired a barrage of gas bombs and concussion grenades into and around Hebron Elementary School for Boys, Khadija Bint Khweiled Emanatory School for Boys, Thu Nurain Elementary School for Bays, and Tareq Bin Ziad School for Boys, while the students were standing in line, in the yards of their schools, preparing to start the school day.

They added that dozens of schoolchildren and teachers suffered the effects of teargas inhalation, before local medics rushed to the educational facilities, and provided them with the needed treatment.

It is worth mentioning that the schools in that area are subject to daily violations and assaults by the soldiers, constantly stationed at the Abu ar-Reesh military roadblock, west of the Ibrahimi Mosque, and roadblock #60, south of the mosque, in addition to many roadblocks that are repeatedly installed near the schools.