On Monday evening, Israeli soldiers caused many Palestinians to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation in Ya’bad town, southwest of Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) said several army jeeps invaded the town, leading to protests before the soldiers fired many rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs, and concussion grenades.

WAFA added that local medics provided treatment to many Palestinians who suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation, including some in their homes.

The soldiers deliberately targeted homes and other property with high-velocity gas bombs, local sources said.

Also Monday, the soldiers abducted twelve Palestinians, including six children, in the occupied West Bank in Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, in addition to fifteen Palestinians who were abducted at dawn.

Furthermore, a Palestinian child, Amro Khaled Al-Khmour, 14, who was seriously injured by Israeli army fire at dawn in the Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, has died from his wounds.