Two Palestinians were injured, on Friday, when Israeli soldiers opened fire with tear-gas towards the peaceful protesters in Kufur Qaddoum village, east of Qalqilia, in the northern occupied West Bank, according to a local official.

Two Palestinian civilians, including a teen and a volunteer paramedic were struck with tear-gas canisters, while dozens more suffered the toxic effects of tear-gas inhalation, during the weekly procession, held to express the collective rejection of illegal Israeli colonies.

Morad Eshteiwi, the media spokesman for the popular resistance, stated that Israeli troops invaded the village, occupied citizens’ rooftops and aimed at the participants, striking a 19 year old in the neck, and a volunteer paramedic in the leg, both with tear-gas canisters.

Dozens of demonstrators and other villagers suffocated on tear-gas fumes which spread throughout the town. All injuries were treated on the scene.

Locals have demonstrated every Friday and Saturday for many years to insist that the main road to Kufur Qaddoum village be reopened, in order to allow for easier commuting to Nablus, east of the village.

Israeli occupation authorities closed the road in 2003 in order to exclusively serve the illegal Israeli settlers in the area, at the expense of the local Palestinian population.

Video by Kufur Qaddoum

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