The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Friday, condemned what it described as “the vicious Israeli and US campaign” targeting the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

The ministry criticized, in a press release, the campaign targeting UNRWA as seen in US statements threatening to cut financial aid to the organization, which serves refugees, and Israel’s exploitation of this position.

The Israeli Minister of Public Security, Gilad Ardan, had called for dismantling UNRWA, and questioned its credibility and role, while Education Minister Neftali Bennett was reported in the media as calling UNRWA a “terror-supporting organization”.

The ministry said, according to WAFA, that the Israeli right-wing, headed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is taking advantage of the US’ latest positions in favor of Tel Aviv, the last of which is the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in order to expand settlements and carry out more projects at the expense of the Palestinian state.

It said that Israel has been escalating its settlement expansion since the US announcement, especially in East Jerusalem and its surroundings, as well as the Jordan Valley.

“The current US – Israeli harmony aims to conclude final status issues including Jerusalem, land, borders and refugees from one side using the power of the occupation. Israel wants to force solutions on Palestinians and Arabs by portraying settlement expansion as a reality and nonnegotiable issue.”

It added that the US – Israeli coup against the peace process has reached advanced levels, which puts the international community and the United Nations and its bodies in a real test of their credibility and ability to solve crises and end the occupation, as well as fulfill their duties in maintaining world peace and security.

The ministry demanded the world and its organizations to take a clear and strong stance that is capable of ending the Israeli occupation of the State of Palestine and salvage what remains of the world’s credibility concerning the situation in Palestine.

A recent quote from UNRWA Spokesman Christopher Gunness stated: “We are seeing the reports on this matter but have not been informed directly of a formal decision either way by the US administration.”