Bombing in Khan Younis (image from Twitter)

On Saturday night, Israeli warplanes launched a number of missiles at Palestinian civilian areas in the northern, southern and eastern West Bank, according to local sources. The areas hit include Khan Younis, in the southern West Bank, Beit Lahia, in the north, and al-Boreij refugee camp, in eastern Gaza.

Dozens of injuries have been reported, according to Dr. Basem Naim, who tweeted this video:

Saturday’s bombings marked the seventh straight night of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. Israel claimed it launched the massive missiles into the Palestinian civilian areas in response to what it called ‘incendiary balloons’ from Gaza, which are children’s party balloons with a string attached, bearing a flaming rag or paper that someone in Gaza sent floating upward.

Following the Israeli bombardment, several Palestinian-fired rockets were seen heading toward the Israeli border.

This Video by: Muhammad Najjar/Quds News Network shows one of the bombings, in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military claimed that the airstrikes targeted “Hamas targets”, although it was unclear what that meant.

The Israeli military continues to hold the Gaza Strip under siege since 2007. This means that the Israeli military controls all access to the Palestinian Territory, and controls all land, water and air. Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip are imprisoned, unable to leave or return without Israeli permits, which are nearly impossible to obtain.

Bombing east of Gaza City
Bombing east of Gaza City

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