Etzion military base (archive image)

Palestinian prisoners held in Israel’s Etzion Prison have been given only one very small meal and one blanket, each, during the cold winter months, a report revealed on Tuesday.

According to the PLO’s Committee of Prisoners and Freed Prisoners, the meal consists of a small cup of yogurt and a small piece of bread every day, noting that this policy started three days before the report was published.

Detainees are also only given one blanket, which is insufficient protection from the winter temperatures, it added.

Mattresses and blankets are often wet because rainwater leaks into the cells, and many are rotting, Days of Palestine further reports.

Prisoners also said they have been assaulted and tortured during their arrest and interrogation.

Occupation forces searched their homes and used police dogs to scare members of their families during their arrest, the report added.

It highlighted the case of 39-year-old Mohamed Abrash, who underwent a partial foot amputation, and who a doctor had notified would need further surgery.

The Palestinian is from the Al-Am’ary Refugee Camp, in Ramallah, has lost his sight and hearing while in Israeli custody. Detained in 2003, he is serving a life term.