The Palestinian leadership and general intelligence service have come under immense pressure and threats, in order to force the release of a detainee held for selling property, in occupied Jerusalem, to Israeli settlers, according to high ranking sources.

Sources said, according to WAFA, that the chief of intelligence, Majed Faraj, and member of Fateh Central Committee Hussein al-Sheikh have been threatened with serious measures against them, if the detainee is not released.

The sources also said the recent arrests in Jerusalem, which included the governor Adnan Ghaith and 32 other Fateh activists, are part of the pressure to release the detainee.

Palestinian security, said the sources, has documents that prove the involvement of individuals, who live abroad and find cover in the United State or Israel, that would expose their involvement in transferring Palestinian land to Israeli settlers, particularly in occupied Jerusalem and even in the West Bank, and are therefore considered traitors.

They stressed that pressure by the US and Israel will not force the Palestinian leadership to change its stand on any issue.

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